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The BMP Bio-Skirt®️

High Resolution Hydrocarbon And Oil Capture

The Bio-Skirt® is the most popular accessory for the BMP SNOUT® Stormwater Quality System from Best Management Products, Inc.  These highly effective stormwater separator skirted booms traps retain hydrocarbons that end up in a stormwater structures that are equipped with a SNOUT trap or hood.

Oily hydrocarbons are one of the most pervasive pollutants found in stormwater runoff.  Hydrocarbon pollution is found everywhere in our environment.  Leaks, discharges and exhaust from vehicles on the road, in the air and industrial and food making processes and fueling activities all contribute to oil finding its way into our surface waters. 

Most people don’t realize that negligently dumping old oil from an oil change into the storm drain can pollute over one million gallons of fresh water.  Hydrocarbon pollution is a serious threat to water quality. 

The Bio-Skirt is a catch basin oil water separator device that is especially effective in conjunction with a SNOUT because of the separation layer that results in a structure with a sump and a hood.  The runoff will be separated into a layer on top with pollutants that float and with elements that sink to the bottom of the structure.  Because the SNOUT forces flow from below the pipe invert and skims the top layer, free oils are trapped on the surface to be easily absorbed into the Bio-Skirt. 

Further, the tendrils of this catch basin oil water separator extend far below the surface where they encounter more stubborn hydrocarbons like emulsified oils and PAHs (Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and can can be removed and brought up to the main boom by capillary action.  

BMP makes it simple to construct a simple, cost-effective catch basin oil water separator with the SNOUT and Bio-Skirt in a sump style stormwater structure.  High traffic parking lots, fueling areas, industrial spaces, transportation facilities, fast food restaurants, marinas and other hot-spots where oil, trash are a problem are perfect applications for the SNOUT and Bio-Skirt stormwater quality unit!

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