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There’s a right way to design a stormwater system: address the problem at its source with a culvert outlet protection system.

Municipal Stormwater System

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has adopted the use of BMP’s SNOUTs, Bio-Skirts and Stainless TrashScreens as a stormwater structure and culvert outlet protection systems, to improve the surface water quality in their seaside town. The perception of good water quality and clean beaches is of high importance to a waterfront resort community. BMP’s simple storm drain catch basin insert filter and gross trap stormwater quality components remove more than a half-million pounds of trash and debris each year which help to keep Myrtle Beach one of the most popular vacation destinations on the eastern seaboard.

Commercial Parking Lot

A stormwater maintenance contractor in Montgomery County Maryland uses BMP’s “Split SNOUT” components in novel ways to retrofit failing underground water quality facilities. By making “split” parts in sections that can be bolted together, it allows for large components to be assembled inside a structure while still passing through an opening 24″ in diameter. Both the county and the contractor have been pleased with the results of the rehabilitation work they have undertaken with BMP’s modular system.

Additional Stormwater Design Case Studies on our Culvert Outlet Protection Systems and More Products

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