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Prioritizing Trash Capture and Clean Oceans: Stormwater Hoods and Traps Lead the Way in Effectiveness

BMP Inc, was recently given the opportunity to provide The Municipal magazine an article written by our President, T.J. Mullen.  Below is an excerpt from the article and link to the online version of the entire article.

Why is trash capture necessary?

In its simplest form, a stormwater inlet’s primary function is to intercept sheet flows to prevent the accumulation of stormwater in an area where flooding could impede traffic or pedestrians, cause property damage, or otherwise present a nuisance.

However, these inlets to MS4s or combined sewer systems (CSSs) are often the entry point of pollutants from diffuse sources found in stormwater runoff. As a result, pollution is often discharged untreated, directly into our surface waters.

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