The BMP Turbo Plate®️

The Turbo Plate reduces turbulence and increases sediment capture.

The BMP Turbo Plate® is the latest system from Best Management Products, Inc. that reduces pollution from stormwater runoff.  Designed to work with the SNOUT® water quality hood in an online sump structure, these stainless steel plates decrease the velocity and turbulence to increase sediment capture.  The Turbo Plates showed an 80% sediment removal rate in 3rd party testing at Alden Labs in Holden, MA, for a sediment sample with a 50-1000 micron particle size distribution at 225 gallons per minute.  The Turbo Plates are suitable for retrofit or new construction of any deep sump structure with an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe.  For pricing, please visit Products page and choose Accessories and click APPLY.

Turbo Plates  are classified as 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 corresponding to the width of the plate.  The “S” Plates are solid for the inlet pipe and the “90” Plates are bent at a 90 degree angle and perforated for the sides of the structure.  Turbo Plates are suitable for either ROUND wall or FLAT wall structures.  Specifications and details are as follows:

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