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Stormwater Magazine – Project Profile : Turbocharging the Design Paradigm for Stormwater Quality

Best Management Products, Inc’s President & Co-founder T.J. Mullen recently wrote a project profile article for Stormwater Magazine.  Below is an excerpt from that article with a link to the article in its entirety.

When engineering firm Shive-Hattery began work to expand a parking facility for an industrial client, it needed to comply with Iowa city’s requirements to reduce total suspended solids (TSS) by 80 percent for the 1.25-inch design storm.  As most of the site had impervious cover connected to an adjacent river by a stormwater conveyance, the firm’s treatment options were limited to structural devices. As part of the local requirements, the installation already needed to use an oil water separator – but, as designed, it would not be able to meet the TSS reductions alone.

Ultimately, the firm would select a simple hydrodynamic device and water quality hood from Best Management Products Inc. (BMP) to reduce pollution from stormwater discharges. BMP’s Turbo Plate® is a simple hydrodynamic device that reduces pollution from stormwater discharges.

Designed to significantly improve the performance of the SNOUT water quality hood in an online sump structure, these stainless-steel plates decrease the velocity and turbulence of stormwater flows to increase sediment capture.

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