The BMP SNOUT® stormwater quality improvement system, with accessories like the Bio-Skirt® and TrashScreentm, provide affordable structural solutions to help with today's Low Impact Development (LID) requirements.

The SNOUT offers reductions in gross pollutants such as floatables and trash, as well as free oils, and sediment. The Bio-Skirttm more effectively captures and retains hydrocarbons and is treated with an anti-microbial to reduce bacteria growth in the structure.  The Stainless TrashScreentm offers the highest level of gross pollutant removal including "Full Trash Capture" designation.

Municipalities, state and federal agencies, the military, transportation and maritime industries, retailers and restaurants, as well as residential and commercial land developers seeking sustainability have successfully installed SNOUT oil-water-debris separators as stormwater BMPs since 1999.

Protected by US Patents 6126817, 7857966, 7,951,294, 8,512,556 and Canada Patents 2285146, 2,690,156, 2,740,678. Other US and International Patents Pending.