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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the SNOUT model names mean?

SNOUTs are NOT named for the pipe sizes they should be used on. The SNOUT models are named based on the width of the SNOUT where the access port is typically found, followed by an F or an R. F series SNOUTs are for FLAT walled structures (boxes or vaults) and R series SNOUTs are for ROUND walled structures (manholes). A “TB” after the name means it is a 2-part SNOUT (Top and Bottom). If there is a number after an R, it refers the diameter of structure it is designed to fit. For instance, a 52RTB72 means a SNOUT that is 52” wide for a ROUND structure, with a Top and Bottom that fits a 72” ID manhole. Please note the correct SNOUT size will always be bigger than the nominal pipe size.

Where have SNOUTs been used before?

More than 80,000 SNOUTs have been installed in North America including in all 50 states and most provinces in Canada. SNOUTs have been installed by the biggest companies in North America, United States Military Installations and in major US cities including New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

Where can I buy the SNOUT?

You can buy the SNOUT directly from BMP or most major waterworks distributors or precast concrete suppliers.

Where do SNOUTs ship from?

All SNOUTs ship from East Haddam, CT.

What do I do if I can’t get a SNOUT through the frame of the structure?

Depending on the pipe size and shape and size of the structure a SPLIT SNOUT may be available for your application.

How many SNOUTs do I need?

It depends on the regulations in your area. BMP recommends a minimum ratio of one SNOUT for every 3 inlets up to a SNOUT for every inlet for the highest pollutant loading applications. See our STSR (SNOUT to Structure Ratio) guide in the Design and Maintenance tab on the Resources Page for more information.