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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bio-Skirt?

A Bio-Skirt is a skirted boom that increases the capture and retention of hydrocarbons caught in the structure. Bio-Skirts are treated with a surface-bonded anti-microbial to preserve the booms service life. A Bio-Skirt can adsorb and retain about 1 gallon of oil.

When should I use a Bio-Skirt?

Whenever oil is a major pollutant of concern. The Bio-Skirt not only captures more oil, including emulsified oils and PAHs, it keeps the hydrocarbons locked in the structure which otherwise can be easily mobilized in a high flow storm event. Applications include fueling facilities, industrial areas, fast food, convenience stores, marinas, transportation facilities, transfer stations and other high-traffic areas.

When do I need the Stainless TrashScreen?

If you need Full Trash Capture, have structures that drain out and don’t retain water above the bottom of the SNOUT, need to protect downstream pumps or other equipment or have sensitive areas where any discharge of trash will need to be avoided.